Texas Street

Completed  2024
Size  878 sqft
Model Kulshan

Providing the perfect combination of tiny home affordability with the comfort of a full-size home. West Coast Homes, alongside Kulshan Community Land Trust and the City of Bellingham came together to build Kulshan Community Land Trust’s 142nd permanently affordable home in the Pacific Northwest, a modular home on Texas Street in Downtown Bellingham.

This modular home was built where all our tiny homes are, in our warehouse located in Lynden, WA. After being built in-house and shipped as two separate modules, then put together on-site, it allowed us to control schedule, cost and quality more than could be imagined with a site-built house.

This Texas Street home features 3 bedrooms, a full bathroom, a full kitchen, washer and dryer hookups and a spacious living room that leads to a beautiful porch!

By deciding to build a modular home, West Coast Homes and Faber Construction stayed within the constraints of the all-in price point and unique lot shape. In turn, this allowed a low-to-moderate income (LMI) home to sit in the heart of Bellingham close to schools, parks, work and other amenities.

Being the first modular home constructed in Bellingham in many years, the Texas Street modular home has the potential to become the prototype solution for future affordable homes as infill within city limits.