Tiny Homes

Our foray into the world of tiny homes wasn’t exactly planned or conventional. It began with a huge sitework project for our parent company, Faber Construction, at a five-acre resort on Lake Whatcom named Wildwood. At the time, it was a dilapidated RV campground with major drainage and septic issues. We were tasked with completely revamping the site’s infrastructure.

The developers purchased this hidden gem with the intention of creating a lakefront tiny home resort community and had been working on their tiny home builds independent of us. Due to repetitive quality control and communication issues with out-of-town builders, they asked us to get involved with the tiny home construction. We jumped at the opportunity – we built big homes well, so why couldn’t we do the same with tiny ones? The rest is history. Welcome to West Coast Tiny.

Park Models – The tiny homes we built for Wildwood Resort are classified as Park Model Recreational Vehicles (also known as Recreational Park Trailers) and built to comply to the ANSI 119.5 code standard. Park Models do not exceed 400 SF, must be mounted on wheels, and are designed to provide temporary accommodation since they classify as an RV. They are used for recreational purposes rather than permanent residences although some jurisdictions do allow full-time living in Park Models.

Tiny Homes – We also build tiny homes that are legally called Tiny Homes. These Tiny Homes are built according to the International Residential Code (IRC) Appendix Q and the Washington State Energy Code (WSEC). They can be used as permanent dwellings. By code, both Park Models and Tiny Homes are 400 square feet (SF) or less not including loft square footage.

Modular Homes – Providing the perfect combination of tiny home affordability with the comfort of a full-size home, West Coast Homes offers a modular model. Our modular model is a 878 sq ft 3-bed, 1-bath home. Although small, this home packs in all the essentials, a spacious bathroom complete with a laundry nook, a mudroom, beautiful u-shape kitchen and large windows throughout. It’s a great option for a first time home buyers or could also be an ADU in a backyard, the options are endless.

Salish tiny home located at Wildwood Lakefront Cottages

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