When we made the decision to build our first custom home we did a lot of research to find the right company to help our dream come to fruition. We chose West Coast Homes because of their stellar reputation. Our project was truly a joy. There were no surprises, no sticker shock and no nightmare scenarios. What we did experience was expert planning, attention to detail and remarkable craftsmanship.

The West Coast team met with us regularly, worked with us on our special requests and exhibited the finest professionalism with our change orders making it all come together in a beautiful house we’ve been in for a year now. Their team truly went beyond our expectations and I can’t thank them enough. Thank you West Coast Homes, you have our highest recommendation!

Ron & Brenda Bowles
Blaine, WA

With a growing family we got to the point that we needed to start looking for a bigger home that would suit our family and budget. We were quite happy to buy an existing home if we could find the right place. At the same time, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to look into building a new home if we could get some decent square footage to fit our budget. We looked around and found a piece of property that we liked. We called Raymond Faber from West Coast Homes to discuss our options and he immediately earned our trust. He put some drawings together and discussed our options for pricing and layout.  As time went by we got ‘cold feet’ on the property. Raymond was extra patient with us as we went looking for another piece of property.

When we finally found another (pricier) property in town that we liked, it was back to the drawing board to see if we could still build a decent sized home to stay within our budget. Raymond did an amazing job of laying out a home that appealed to us. He gave excellent advice on how to save cost, so much so that we ended up having room in the budget to add a full-sized unfinished basement. What a dream to have all that extra room to move into down the road!

During the construction phase we had a wonderful experience. The trades that West Coast used were very friendly, helpful and willing to give advice when we were visiting the job site. There were times when Raymond would offer suggestions to change things on the go to add functionality – all done without extra change orders.

We would build with West Coast Homes again in a heartbeat. They are honest, patient, reliable and hard-working. Thank you, Raymond and crew for a great job!

Darryn & Bea Kleyn
Lynden, WA

West Coast Homes was one of three companies to bid on our house, and while the three companies came in with very different numbers, once we included in the taxes, the hook-up fees, etc. and managed to compare apples to apples, all three prices were just about identical. So West Coast Homes was very competitive on price.

But where we were so pleased with them was in our regular interaction with Raymond Faber (at one point we were either emailing or talking on the phone with him daily) and his ability to make clear, but not pushy suggestions. We have never built a house, so we wanted someone to help us make the decisions. We explained to Raymond where we wanted quality, even if it cost a little more, and where we wanted to cut costs if there was any way to do so. Working with him we managed to cut about $15,000 off of the original price of the build. He had numerous helpful suggestions, and would present them with his opinion clearly stated. But if we wanted to go a different direction (happened a few times) he would quickly hop on board with us and offer ideas on how we could best accomplish this other idea.

In addition, while we had an architect design our house, there were some hiccups in his design (ex. he didn’t leave enough space for our staircase) that could have been quite stressful, but which Raymond helped us solve quickly. In addition, Raymond found us extra space on the plan that allowed us to put in a small washroom upstairs.

So, in other words, he:

  1. saved us money
  2. gave us innumerable ideas
  3. presented those ideas in a clear, and not pushy, manner
  4. solve us some serious headaches
  5. answered our questions quickly (the same day)

I’d highly recommend them and am so thankful that we went with them. I’ve heard horror stories about builders adding on costs for any minor changes that might be made, but have found Raymond and West Coast Homes to be very straightforward, honest and trustworthy. I can’t speak highly enough of them.

Jon Dykstra
Lynden, WA

Worked with Raymond, Laura and their team to have our house built in Whatcom County. I can’t speak more highly of the care and attention they paid us during the building of our home. They made a very stressful process much easier and we now have a beautiful new home that my family and I couldn’t be happier with. I highly recommend West Coast Homes to anyone looking to have their home built well, and to be treated with respect and honesty.

Tobias & Mi Ran Ryan
Bellingham, WA

Right from the beginning, West Coast Homes was a pleasure to work with! As this was our first home building experience, we were a little nervous about how the experience would go. We were initially pleased that they offered guidance at the design phase, even connecting us with an architect who could catch our vision and appropriately design our house to fit well on the lot, have excellent curb appeal, and provide us with an interior layout that suited our needs. Throughout the building project they were highly communicative, providing a project manager who was knowledgeable and good to work with, as well as offering suggestions on ways to improve the finished product or cut unnecessary costs. They were keen to ensure that we were happy with the finished product!

For us, managing costs was important and we were especially nervous about going over the budgeted cost, so we were thrilled when the final cost ended up being on budget. Their creativity in building a house within budget did not impact the look and function of the finished product.

We love coming home to our beautiful house and, if we were to build again, we would definitely use West Coast Homes.

J & S Doornbos

Lynden, WA

We have now been in our new home for six months (today!), and just wanted to send a special thank you. We are very much enjoying the new home.

Raymond, several people have commented on the nice “finishes” in the house. You hired great craftspeople who then did an excellent job. The window framing, the textured walls, the crown molding, the super cabinetry, etc. etc., all give the home a great feel. In addition, the features that are not seen, such as the fully insulated walls, the hot water recirculation system, and the general overall construction of the house make it enjoyable to live here. Several issues came up during the construction process, but you handled every one wonderfully.

With life changes and career moves, this makes the eighth house that I have owned to live in. All the previous ones were existing houses, and I always thought that they were fine. But this house is so much more livable (at least for our lifestyle) that the previous ones all suffer badly by comparison. We are 100% glad that we went down this path, and are very, very happy with the new house. Thanks to you for your help in the process.

D Joss & C Haak
Bellingham, WA

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