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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a lot of questions about our tiny homes. Find answers below to the most commonly-asked questions.

Do you sell the plans?2022-01-06T05:55:17+00:00

No, we don’t. We take great pride in the plans and models we create, and would like each model to be built with the consistent quality and craftsmanship we guarantee.

Are your floor plans customizable?2022-01-06T05:55:17+00:00

Yes, we can accommodate changes per request. Depending on the desired modifications, fees may apply and the estimated completion date may be affected.

What are tiny homes used for?2022-01-06T05:55:17+00:00

Many of our clients use their tiny homes as personal vacation homes, and/or as rental properties in the months they aren’t being used. They can also be used as a permanent dwelling.

Do you build shells or partly finished tiny homes?2022-01-06T05:55:17+00:00

No, we must complete each model in its entirety. Labor & Industries will not provide an insignia sticker, which is needed to move the unit, until the model passes final inspection.

Why are your tiny homes called park models?2022-01-06T05:55:31+00:00

They are also known as park models because we build them to fit the recreational park trailer code. Yes, this is a tiny home, but it also carries the designation of a recreational park trailer (RPT) from HUD.

What are the building standards of your tiny homes?2022-01-06T05:55:17+00:00

They are built according to ANSI 119.5 Recreational Park Trailer Standards. All park models are required to have a rough framing / mechanical, electrical & plumbing (MEP) rough-in inspection and a final inspection completed by Washington State Labor & Industries. After passing the final inspection, we receive an insignia sticker which is placed on the home.

How many tiny homes have we built?2022-01-06T05:55:17+00:00

Over two dozen in the past five years.

Are they built on a trailer?2022-01-06T05:55:32+00:00

Yes, they are built on a custom chassis trailer.

What kind of foundation is needed?2022-01-06T05:55:17+00:00

Each site will have its own constraints due to the bearing capacity of the soil, and in some instances the frost line will also play a factor. We recommend that you contact a local Geotech and/or structural engineer for foundation requirements.

What are the dimensions of your tiny homes?2022-01-06T05:55:31+00:00

Our models are not perfect rectangles, but the base of each unit is approximately 13’ x 32’ or 15’ x 34’ with roof overhangs. A front deck would be in addition to these numbers. The height, which is the maximum height we can build to, is 15’-9”.

Are they made to move?2022-01-06T05:55:17+00:00

Typically they are made to move just once to a permanent location. They can be moved again, but they are not built to be a travel trailer due to their large size.

What is the estimated timeline for a standard tiny home?2022-01-06T05:55:17+00:00

It takes one month for the custom chassis to be built and then approximately four months for the tiny home to be built, based on the extent of the customization.

Do you deliver the tiny homes? How far/where can you deliver?2022-01-06T05:55:17+00:00

No. The owner is responsible for coordinating professional transportation, but we can recommend companies to complete this.

How to insure your tiny home?2022-01-06T05:55:17+00:00

Our tiny homes come with a vehicle certificate of origin. We provide this certification along with other documents the owner needs to submit to their local Auditor’s Office in order to receive their title.

Can you customize a tiny home plan for a community or campground?2022-01-06T05:55:17+00:00

Yes. If you are a community operator, please contact us to discuss park model customization for your community. This is how we got our start building tiny homes—check out Wildwood Lakefront Cottages, our first resort partnership: wildwoodlakefrontcottages.com.

Do you provide a warranty?2022-01-06T05:55:17+00:00

Warranties are available upon request. The cost depends on the proximity to Lynden, WA, which is where we build our tiny homes.

Do you finance your tiny homes?2022-01-06T05:55:17+00:00

No, we do not offer financing.

Blue park model/tiny home - Salish model

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